Hydramemory Basic Care by dr dream

Hydramemory Deep Cleansing Foam

Gently cleanse & unclog.

The cleansing foam removes all impurities with its rich foam that contains amino acid, a compound that helps in the enhancement of collagen production. The soft texture of the dr. dream® Hydramemory Deep Cleansing Foam allows for a smooth massage on the skin.

The dr. dream® Hydramemory Deep Cleansing Foam washes off easily, leaving the skin feeling soft and clean. Ingredients such as bamboo water, birch tree water and deep ocean water soothes and keeps the skin hydrated.


Squeeze a pea size amount of the product on to wet palms and lather in circular motion to create a rich foam. Gently massage the foam over the entire face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and finish with a splash of cold water to minimize your pores.


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