The Story

Dr. Dream’s story began in Seoul, Korea, in the theaters where highly-experienced plastic surgeons experiment using growth factors to treat patients’ wounds, to speed up recovery and aid with cell repair. An experiment led to a discovery and formulation of a unique concoction that restores the skin texture, radiance and clarity. The birth of dr dream cosmeceuticals was a new generation of functional skin care that stands against the test of time.

An Accidental Discovery

After exploring the use of growth factors for wound treatments over a period of time, the surgeons realized that as the wounds healed, the surrounding skin looked younger, more radiant and felt much softer to the touch compared to the areas that hadn’t been exposed to the therapy. This accidental discovery is also the first step to unlocking the secret to youthful looking skin.

The Focus

The surface of your skin is made up of cells that were born from within. That’s why refining beauty from within was the focus of dr dream formulations. Dream’s plastic surgeons needed a formula that not only heals and regenerate clear, radiant and healthy cells, but one that protects these cells as they make their way up to the surface of the skin in the best condition possible.

Unveiling the Secret Formula

The right mix of growth factors could unlock the secret to reverse the effects of ageing. Dream experts worked hand in hand for many years to refine the growth factor composition and formulation. After years of research and lab testing, the anti-ageing miracle was born - Dr Dream’s trademarked Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex, a combination of 7 Nano size growth factors was the answer to a multifaceted anti-ageing solution.

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