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Advanced Anti-Ageing Care
About the dr. dream Anti Aging & Brightening Range

The dream solution that makes miracles. Why is this dr. dream range so special? Because it’s what’s not in the products range that makes this mild formula so great – no synthetic preservatives, no artificial fragrance, no artificial pigment, no ethanol and no petroleum oil. We only use the highest level of ingredients with growth factors showing more than 95% purity which has excellent ability in skin renaturation and prominent efficacy.

A marvelous improvement of cell energy to your skin rejuvenation.

Essential Urban...
What is Essential Urban Protection?

Essential Urban Protection is a combination of different depigmentation agents which helps to control melanin production or formation on the skin by inhibition of enzyme tyrosinase. Melanin is responsible for the darkening of the skin which results in formation of brown spots due to sun exposure as well as formation of Melasma when influenced by hormones.

Give your skin the protection and coverage it needs to stay young and healthy.

Dream Medi Skin Care...
About Dream Medi Skin Care Devices by dr. dream

Dr. Dream homecare devices are designed to rejuvenate the skin as well as enhance the absorbtion of key ingredients in our products, allowing you to reap maximum benefits from your routine. 

We are committed to ethics, excellence and delivery of the finest quality service.

Hydramemory Basic Care
About the dr. dream Hydramemory Basic Care Care Range

The dr. dream general care range has been formulated to moisturize, protect and sooth your skin. This beautiful range has no synthetic preservatives, no artificial fragrance, no artificial pigment, no ethanol and no petroleum oil. Our general care range includes a hydramemory deep cleansing foam and a hydramemory deep active moisturizer with bamboo water and birch tree water to give you a product that works and feels great.

Finally, a range that removes dead skin and residue while maintaining moisture.


Reduce lines & wrinkles dr. dream® Advanced Eye Treatment Cream contains the patented ingredient that helps prevents the dissolution of elastin which is a protein responsible for the suppleness of the skin.Natural vegetable oil, emulsifier and the use of Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex™ in dr. dream Advanced Eye Treatment Cream helps improve...

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